Initial Thoughts on the New ALF Film

Fans have been waiting for ALF to come back to the big screen for several years, and are now getting their wish! As I read online articles about the upcoming ALF movie, I noticed both excitement and cynicism in the writing of the authors. From the fans, I have seen both excitement and concern in the last 12 hours. One question I was asked several times was, “will the Tanners be in the movie?” Honestly, it’s doubtful, as most of the cast is retired from acting. I also don’t see it going along with the rumored storyline, which is about ALF’s life on Melmac prior to crashing on earth. Again, this is not a confirmed storyline and dates back to 2006. I am hoping that there will have at least one cameo appearance, or one of the original cast members lending their voice for a character. Probably unlikely as well, but it never hurts to fantasize.

There also seems to be an overreaction, in my opinion, about the hybrid live-action/CGI concept for the film. We are all accustom to seeing ALF as a puppet…CGI would be blasphemy, right?! I prefer to take a more positive approach. We die-hard fans have 110% faith and confidence in Paul Fusco, and he has always made sure that the character remains “magical,” and I personally don’t see any reason that that will change with this film. It is possible that ALF could be a puppet for parts of the film, and that CGI would only be used for full-body shots, and anything requiring ALF to be more “active.” That is where I feel the hybrid part comes in. It would open up what the character can do, but will still retain the tradition and magic of the original character. I think we all need to wait and see more. If it is as good as the CGI Yoda, I think we will be pleasantly surprised. Regardless of what comes, I am excited for this film and have faith that Fusco & Company will deliver to their loyal fans. This I know for sure: we have not seen the last of the ALF puppet! I’m sure we will be seeing him in guest appearances for years to come.

Seeing as information on the plot is still a closely guarded secret, and rumors of it being about ALF’s life on Melmac has not been confirmed, it is impossible to speculate how the film will do. I spent part of the day reading reviews of the Smurfs movie, which was also done by Sony Pictures Animation, and has the same producer as the new ALF movie (Jordan Kerner). Most negative reviews I read were regarding the storyline and dull characters. We need to keep in mind that there will be a different writer, and quite possibly a different director, so I have no doubt that ALF will be the superior of the two films. Also, will it be geared towards adults? Children? Most likely the latter, but one thing that was terrific about the sitcom is that it appealed to both children and adults alike. I’m hoping that this film will be similar to the Shrek franchise in that it appeals to all ages. If they can achieve the same success with this film, we will definitely be seeing much more of ALF on the big screen! ALF: The Movie 2?

Cheers to Paul Fusco, Alien Productions, and Sony, as they are about to introduce ALF to a new generation of fans!

8 thoughts on “Initial Thoughts on the New ALF Film

  1. I hope there will be flashbacks of Alfs life on melmac and how it was destoyd by nuclear weapons, his planet was at war with Larson Petty (Alf animated series). missing his (friends,family and girl friend),the good times he had with them.

  2. It was a little over a year ago that we learned the news of new ALF movie being in the works. I was very young when ALF ran on NBC (1986-1990), but do remember seeing the show in syndicated re-runs, and have all 4 seasons of the show on DVD. Despite being an underrated show, ALF was a classic. ALF was one of those shows that truly spoke to me… Paul Fusco was/is all about keeping it real.

    I could see the 1st film being a box office hit, that could spawn a 2nd and 3rd film. As for the storyline… other than ALF’s life on Earth with the Tanner family being explored, and him being captured by the Alien Task Force… I would certainly be open to ALF’s life on Melmac being explored, seeing how his story began on his home planet, and the explosion that would begin his journey to Earth. Not trying to create spoilers… I would be open to seeing ALF escaping the Alien Task Force, to briefly reunite with the Tanner’s… learning that several Melmacian friends (including Skip and Rhonda) survived, and him leaving Earth to reunite with them. Whatever Paul Fusco and company decides, I pray and hope that it’s something that will be respectful to the legacy of this classic character, as well as the fans, and ALF ge

  3. I’m guessing that it could be sometime this year (2014) or next year (2015) when ALF makes it to movie theaters. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

    I wasn’t old enough to remember ALF’s original run from 1986-1990 on NBC… I do remember seeing syndicated reruns during the ’90s, and have collected all 4 seasons on DVD… and I still have yet to collect ALF Tales, ALF The Animated Series, and Project ALF on DVD. It may have not been a ratings power-house, like The Cosby Show and other top-rated scripted TV shows… it was/is a true classic that developed a cult following. ALF was one of those type of shows that spoke to me.

    Jordan Kerner (of The Smurfs franchise) has committed to producing the film adaptation of ALF, alongside Paul Fusco and Tom Patchett. I could picture Robert Rodriguez (of Spy Kids franchise) willing to take the leap of faith in directing the film, unless Fusco, Patchett, and Kerner have someone else in mind. Format and story: Other than the sci-fi aspect, it would remain to be seen if it would be a dramedy (drama and comedy combined) or full comedy. Would prefer to see puppet/muppet version of ALF, and not just the CGI-hybrid. Would be interested in seeing Melmac story, before ALF’s journey to Earth being explored, as well as the accidentally on purpose crash-landing and his time on Earth with the Tanner family. My hope is that Fusco and company keep it real, as well as meaningful and respectful. Dream cast: I would be interested in seeing Ben Stiller and Monica Potter casted as Willie and Kate, respectively… maybe Tyne Daly as Dorothy… just to name a few. I would also be interested in seeing cameo appearances by the likes of Max Wright (original Willie), Anne Meara (original Dorothy, and Stiller’s real-life mother), Jim J. Bullock (original Neal), Liz Sheridan (original Raquel), and Andrea Elson (original Lynn). Hope we’ll be learning more in the coming weeks and months.

  4. I’m sure some are now aware of Sony falling victim to hackers in December 2014. Current Sony project “The Interview” being the primary subject of the movie/TV studio security breach. Sony has decided to scrap the project, after New York premier was canceled, and Carmike Cinemas pulling the movie from all its theaters a little more than a week before it’s scheduled Christmas Day release.

    I certainly hope that ALF movie and other Sony projects haven’t been affected by this incident. If Sony was to sell the film rights to a competing movie studio, I could see either Warner Brothers or Universal wishing to pursue the project. I believe that the show was originally distributed by Warner Brothers Domestic Television Distribution during its original run… but not sure if Warner would want it back. Universal, being sister company to NBC, would be a backup option, if Warner doesn’t want it back.

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