The Many Faces of ALF

Most of you are probably familiar with the ALF Burger King puppets/records/etc. from 1988. The puppets and records are arguably one of the most common ALF collectibles out there; however, the Record & Play Kits are a little more rare nowadays. Most fans have not heard the songs on the records. I have a complete set in my collection (with envelopes) and have taken pictures. MP3 files are also included for your listening pleasure (which I acquired from ALF fan Ken Netzel a few years ago – thanks Ken!). A few of my kits still have the original seal, so at present I am hesitant to open them and explore the contents, but here is the contents of the Melmac Rock kit.

1) Board game
2) Activity booklet and instructions/storage envelope
3) Fingerpuppet theater and poster
4) “Talking” puppet and record

Melmac Rock
Cookin’ With ALF
Melmac Girls
Take Me ALF to the Ballgame

Enjoy! If anyone has pictures of the other kits please feel free to send them my way and I will put them on here.

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