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Santa's Magic Toy Bag Available on DVD!

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Sneak Peak: Secret of the Booze | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


New 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Trailer Shows Off Star Lord's ALF Collection


ALF in Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial: Radio Shack


The 80's called...they want their store back!



'ALF' Movie Lands at Sony With 'Smurfs' Producer

Jordan Kerner, who produced last year's Smurfs movie, has boarded the hybrid live-action/CGI feature. No writer or director is attached. Ben Haber of Kerner Entertainment Co. and Kenneth Kaufman of Alien Productions will be the executive producers.~ read more!

ALF Movie Gets the Green Light!

The word from Paul Fusco is that “ALF” will be made into a new theatrical film. “Sony Pictures has given us a go-ahead for an ALF movie!” Fusco said from Los Angeles, where he was in negotiations recently. “They are very excited, as am I.” ~ Source

ALF Movie

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